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Qatar Embassy Attestation

All Indian originated documents which is intended to use in QATAR need to be legalize from the QATAR embassy / QATAR consulate from India. 

Why document should be attested from QATAR Embassy.

  • To get the employment visa
  • To get family residence visa
  • To get higher education
  • To get the admission in school in Qatar. 

    Document attestation from QATAR Embassy –

There are various ways to attest the document from QATAR Embassy. Process   of attestation will depend upon the nature of document and purpose of attestation. 

For Educational document – Qatar Embassy Attests Degree and also consolidated Mark sheet or final year Mark sheet, Qatar Embassy never Attest degree or Marks Sheet separately. Both degrees as well as mark sheet has to attest simultaneously.

(Type A) Attestations (case Specific):

  1. Notary (Maharashtra)
  2. Home Department (Maharashtra)
  3. Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  4. QATAR Embassy (New Delhi)

(Type B) Attestations:

  1. Human Resource Department – HRD  (respective State)
  2. Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  3. QATAR Embassy (New Delhi) 
  • For Non Educational document.

(Type A) Attestations (case specific) :

  1.  Notary (Maharashtra)
  2.  Home Department (Maharashtra)
  3.  Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  4.  QATAR Embassy (New Delhi)

(Type B) Attestations:

  1.  Home Department (respective state)
  2.  Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  3.  QATAR Embassy (New Delhi)
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